Send the Gift of Giving to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere

  • Givt is a mobile and web application for people and businesses to quickly contribute to any cause, at any time from anywhere in the world!
  • Send a generous contribution to the cause of your choice, or gift it to a friend, family member, sales contact or client as a spontaneous act of kindness for someone you love.
  • Give the gift that gives back, and download Givt today.

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Gift to friends & family

  • Send a givt to celebrate birthdays or holidays
  • Honor the person you love by giving a gift that gives back

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Sales & Company Giving

  • Get prospects to remember your company by sending them a meaningful “thank you”
  • Re-engage your current clients with a digital gift
  • Incentivize employee performance through givting
  • Integrate into your established workplace giving programs

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Fundraising for Nonprofits & Causes

  • Rally supporters at events
  • Feature your nonprofit to thousands of businesses and potential supporters
  • Set up a fundraising platform in less than five minutes
  • Find new donors willing to contribute to your cause

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How it works

Let’s join Jane on her journey!

  • Open Your GIVT App

    And checkout your latest activity.

  • Prepare your Givt

    Tap “Send a Givt” and choose an amount. You can always buy more GoodCoins if you run out.

  • Choose your recipient

    You can send your givt to friends, family, coworkers, clients - anyone you want. After choosing your recipient, press the “Send” button. It’s that simple.

  • Instant satisfaction

    Feel good about giving the gift that gives back. Your feed will notify you when your recipient has received your givt.

  • Be A Part
    Of The

The app

Here is a peek into how the app looks

Profile screen

Activity screen

New Givt

Thank You screen

Get in touch

And learn more about how you can give the gift that gives back.

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And start making a difference today.


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