What is a Givt?

A givt is the gift that gives back. You can give a givt to others to say thank you, wish them a happy birthday, say I love you, celebrate a special day, make a rough day easier or simply put a smile on a friend’s face.

Why should I Givt?

Research shows that when you give, you also get. Happiness is contagious, and when you give happiness to others, the simple act of giving will make you happier in return. Not only will the recipient of your givt feel good, but YOU will feel good about putting a smile on their face - and the cause of their choice will feel good about receiving a contribution. Every party wins

What can I do with a Givt?

Give your givt to friends and family, business prospects, clients, employees and more. It’s simple - just open your app, prepare your givt, choose your recipient and hit “Send.” You’ll get a notification the second your recipient has received your givt and directed it to the cause of their choice.

What's all this "happiness" talk about?

OK! I guess we need to start from the beginning.

Happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence. Seriously. Famous thinkers like Aristotle and professors like Michael Norton and Elizabeth Dunn have all researched one simple question: "Can money buy happiness?"

The results are staggering: they found that when people give even small amounts of money to others, they are much happier than when they spend that same amount on themselves. Givt takes this concept and makes it easily accessible to everyone: we allow our users to deliver happiness through a small charitable gift that motivates employees, increases performance, spreads cheer and forms a positive and memorable association between the sender and the receiver.

The Givt team really cares about making the world a better place. That’s why we've created the ultimate happiness win-win delivery system. Through using Givt, people are happier, employees are happier, employers are happier, causes are happier, the people causes help with the contributions raised are happier… and because of this, we're happier.

Is Givt for companies or for people?

Companies are people, too! Most major companies are led by people - just like us - who want to make the world a better place. However, these industry leaders are the very people who have the means to make a huge difference.

We found that the majority of purposeful companies lack the tools they need to make it easy for them to give more. We have worked hard to make it easy for companies to invest part of their SPIF (Sales Performance Incentive Funds), marketing, sales and employee engagement budgets into cause-based incentives for employees and customers. Now, with the help of Givt, meaningful engagement is just a click away.

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